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Hello from western Switzerland!


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Greetings !


I have just discovered this forum today...

I'm 29, live by the Geneva lake, Switzerland, work as a software engineer, but carve wood in the evening since 3 years.


I don't precisely do small scale carving, rather medium scale (as it is much easier), but am very impressed with the tiny details you manage to carve, and hope to learn a little from you all.


Here are a couple of pieces I did, hope you enjoy :


snekkjaim0.th.jpg gwidderyunicorniy9.th.jpg gwidurnesqc4.th.jpg persepolisbythorleifreq0.th.jpg


If you wish to see a little more, you're welcome over there : http://thorleifr.deviantart.com/gallery/


- Jerome

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Bonjour cher " Eidgenosse "


I wake up, check TCP and see your work......Congratulation !!! ,

wonderful creations, a beautyful hommage to a culture of the past.

I very like this viking design.

If You are once in the area of Basel, You are welcome here.


Thank You for show us your work :)








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