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red copper with rokusho

Jim Kelso

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from: http://www.una.edu/faculty/takeuchi/DrT_Jp...IRAE%5B3%5D.htm


These materials attain their beautiful patination through a special pickling bath, the result of which gives Shakudô 赤銅 a deep violet-black color, Shibuichi 四分一 shades of olive-brown to silvery-gray, Sentoku 宣徳 a yellowish color, and copper different tones of red. The most desirable color for copper is Suaka 素銅. Suaka 素銅 (or Akagane 赤金) is very refined copper that shows an orange-red hue when patinated. Yamagane 山金 ("mountain metal") is unrefined copper with many color variations. Although all those patination colors form only a thin layer on the surface, they are practically permanent as long as they are not subjected to scratching or extensive wear.


Seems like a case where the word describes a substance, as well as the color of that substance? ie. 'orange': fruit and color


hello doug


do you think it would keep its color if worn for a neckless ?



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