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Tools and Grip

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I've been putting off posting some of my work for far to long. I'm an amateur and I've been on the path to better carving for a bit over two years. My goal at this point is learning to be a better carver and gaining experience. Hopefully my posting will encourage other amateurs to post their work.


This grip wasn't meant to be a realistic rendition of feathers but I think that was a mistake. I have a early start on a set in ebony and will carve that set in a realistic style.





The tools I use as carving studies. The Ebony was fun to carve and I look forward to working with better wood in the future. Mostly I work with what I have. I've found it easier to find the right tool in the pile with each handle being different.




I want to thank all who participate on this site for the inspirational carvings.



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