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Engraved Spyderco - One for Myself


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I've been playing with engraving and carving steel and other metals lately, but like the shoemaker's kids, this kid was also going barefoot, at least knife-wise. So I stole a few hours and engraved a Spyderco Byrd (Meadowlark model) for myself, to actually carry in MY pocket!


Folded, the handle is 4 inches long. I used my Lindsay Palm Control pneumatic engraver to cut the outlines and fine lines, then an NSK micromotor and carbide burrs for the carving/shaping/texturing.


I used Jax Silver Blackener and Birchwood Casey Super Blue to darken the stainless steel handle, then buffed the high spots off. Not sure what type of stainless the handle is, but engraves and carves pretty nicely. I stumbled across the use of both of these chemical darkeners by good fortune, like a blind squirrel finding a nut. Together they darkened things quite well, while either one alone didn't. I didn't know that stainless could be blued...still don't know about other types of stainless?


So here it is... hope you like it!



Thanks for looking!

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