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Mark Grzybowski

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This is great, I didn't know that there were any carving communities around. My thanks to Jim Kelso for posting on the bladesmith's forum.


I'm not really sure what all to say. I have been carving off and on for quite a while, lost track somewhere. I use it for an artistic release and a spiritual recentering. Unfortunately I've been away from it for far too long now, and I can feel it calling me back. If I could just make some time somewhere...


I work exclusively with handtools, nothing motorized. Not that I have anything against it, I just enjoy working that way. I also tend to work with materials that aren't that easy to carve by hand. I don't plan that ahead of time, but then I don't walk away from the challenge either.


Speaking of which this is a figure I carved a couple of years ago. It's carved out of bloodwood. There's still a couple of my gouges and chisels I have to repair after doing this project. I don't recall the size of it, I think it's around 10" tall. Maybe a little less.


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Hello Mark,


Welcome to The Carving Path Forum! Thanks for introducing yourself. Perhaps the forum will be an encouragement to repair the chisels and whet your skills for more fun with carving!


Its great to have you aboard!



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