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Sergey Makarenkov

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Hello my friend -carvers !

Hello Janel priviet. I congratulate you with 8 march !

I am a carver from Russia MOSCOW .

I am work with mammut ivory,boxwood,horn amber, i used different technic of carving,inlaiding and coloring.

My favorite direction is netsuke,also I like Japan stail and philosofy.

I had came her some years ago.

Maybe Janel remember me for my finny turtels ?

Annyway , glad to meet yours againe !

Sorry for my English,please .

I wish a niceday to all carvers.

Best regards !


Sergey Makarenkov



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Greetings Sergey!


Welcome to the forum! Yes, I do remember you, and your turtles. Thank you for joining The Carving Path forum, and for the photos of your work.


I am curious about the crab, its color and the cracking. Is that from the natural color of the mammoth? It is very effective use of the material.



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