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Guest ford hallam

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Guest ford hallam

greetings all,


I`m Ford Hallam. I`ve been bullied by Jim into intoducing myself as he`s posted a couple of images of an old piece of mine over on the "show and tell" forum.


I started off as a goldsmith in the European tradition completing a 5 year apprenticeship in South Africa in `85. Three years later I moved to London as part of my master plan to get to Japan. I`d been bitten by the japanese metalwork bug while at art school the year before I began my formal training.


In `93 i finally made it to the land of the rising yen with the help of a Winston Churchill travelling fellowship. My teacher Izumi Koshiro, has been extremely supportive of my efforts to enter his tradition and back in `94 he arranged 2 return visits to train and study. This time with the assistance of the Japanese agency for cultural affairs. i remain in close contact with Izumi Sensei and through him his circle of artistic friends. In fact i`m off to see him next month.


For the last 10 years or so I`ve been mainly preoccupied with the restoration of Meiji period metalwork. This has been a very lucrative involvement and has also allowed me to really get under the skin of some of the finest metalwork ever produced.


At this point in my career I find myself with a rather unique insight into my adopted tradition and a reasonable facility with regard to the technology it has employed. The challenge that I face now is trying to find an authentic expression of my own. Having spent so long working in isolation I`m wondering if the ineraction on this forum will act as a catalyst for me.


Thanks to the creators of this sanctuary for little chiselers.


best regards,


ford ;)

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