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Hello everyone, I just discovered this forum goggling for information on micromotors and to my great

suprise,I was referred to this forum.I had no knowledge this forum existed. I'm Oscar Legaspi and

I have been carving for about 6 or seven years and if I can include making wooden hunting bows all

hand made then I have been carving for ten years. I have carved various small characters,nativity scene,bears

and wolves. A little over a year ago I got interested in carving birds of prey and owls so far I have carved

red tailed hawks,peregrine falcon,a goshawk and a boreal and screech owl. Since I retired three years

and moved to California from Klamath Falls,Oregon.


Man do I ever enjoy the weather after many winters in rain,snow and dang cold. This form sounds very interesting.


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Hello Oscar!


Welcome to The Carving Path forum! It is good that you found TCP while searching with Google. I hope that you found some interesting answers to your inquiry about micromotors. Thanks for finding us!



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