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hello from Illinois

jon m ryan

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Hi. I found this site a long time ago, bookmarked it and forgot about till I found it again last week.


I live in Wheaton, Illinois, which is about 45 minutes west of Chicago. I am a jeweler. I have done a lot of wax carving in the past, but not so much anymore. I have been working in aluminum the past several years. I plan to try some wood carving soon. I'm not sure how that will go because I am used to metal and I find the grain of wood kind of difficult to work with.



post-2090-1236729407.jpg post-2090-1236729416.jpg


Here is a link to my portfolio on Flickr:


Its most of my recent work, carved, fabricated and cast pieces.


There is a lot of good information on this site. I look forward to learning from everyone, and contributing if I can.



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Welcome to the forum Jon!


Thanks for the photos of your work, they are interesting. What scale or size are we looking at? How are these pieces made? Fabricated, carved...? I could ask more questions, but will hold off for now. I look forward to your contributions here on The Carving Path.



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Both the pieces are brooches. The one on the left is 3" high, one on the right is about 2" high. Both are about 1/2" thick. They are carved and anodized aluminum. The pinbacks are hand fabricated sterling silver and attached with screws.

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