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Newbie From UK


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Hi everyone I am from Yorkshire in the UK. I am just finding out about netsuke and other micro-carving. I have been interested in woodworking all my years (62) and have decided to have a go at carving. I am looking for suitable hand tools, already have foredom and dremel gear from other projects. Any recomendations would be most welcome





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Welcome to The Carving Path forum, John!


The tools are not easy to find ready and waiting in shops. Our members have discussed tools over the past years in various posts. If you are willing to use the SEARCH function, you will quickly tune into the information contributed here. Please do read and please do ask us questions about any of what you see that you need more info about. That is a good way to start, since this forum has such a great archive of information available to learn from.


You may also find a video that was posted a while ago in Getting Started and Resources (browse through that area as well) which shows me using a variety of tools that have been inquired about and are very useful to me.


The power tools are a place for starting to carve, but if you want good results in the end, learn to use the hand tools to bring out the detail, undercutting to enhance light and shadow... etc. It takes time, but the learning process is fun and ongoing, even after years of working at it.


Welcome again,



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