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I’m very new to carving of all sorts and I’m having a go. I’ve been looking at what people have been saying about tools and how the use them and I’ve reached a point in my work were a fue people say to use scrapers. what are they and how do you use them I’ve look around the forum and couldn’t find any images and all Google seems to find is oversized pallet knifes and as allot of the work on this site is quite small, it didn't seem right. So if anyone could post a pic and a brief description or just point me to an existing article that would be grate.


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Hi maciver,


Click here


Watch one of these videos (all the same, in different formats) and watch some of my "scrapers" or sharp tools used to scrape or plane the wood rather than as a chisel or knife tool that "cuts". The sideways motion of removing wood from truly hard woods and carvable materials such as mammoth tusk, bone or antler is what I consider "scraping" while used as a carving technique.


Thank you for asking!



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Here's a picture of some of my scrapers. I use them for wood and other materials like bone, antler, ivory's.

I use them more or less the same way as in the video posted by Janel.

They are all made from dental picks, files, steel nails, pieces of hard steel, etc.




Ko Baas

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