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Natasha's netsuke


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Hello my dear Friends, sorry for my long silence, at last I've finished my first netsuke in this year!

Looking at the African wild boar tusk, I saw the single way how to carve it, I tried to mix two styles of netsuke, Iwami and my favorite Ryusa.

This netsuke called "Blossoming Cherry Branch", 12 cm, stained with walnut ink, the Japanese poem, haiku, was written with the burning needle.

The haiku can be translated so: "If you look at sakura blossoming in a place that has not changed since very old time, it makes you to remember a various events have happened before." It was written by Matsuo Basho. My Friend, Tatiana Nikolova and her Friend, Tomoko Watanabe (the teacher of Japanese language and Literature) helped me a lot in this difficult question as Japanese language and the grammar rules!

What do You think?






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Did you leave the enamel surface on the tusk? If removed, how did you do it?


The natural opening used Ryusa-style has given the branches an airy feel and draws one into it. I keep returning to it to look again at it. Bravo!



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Hello dear Jim!

Thank You for your wonderful words about my work! B)

I used walnut ink for blossoming branch, the African wild boar tusk took the dye very good, especially in the places which were pressed by a needle. The Japanese characters were done with the burning needle. After finishing the staining process I covered it with the solution of the paraffin, it gives shining effect and good protection! :)

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Thank You for your compliments! ;)

John and Don, here everyone is so gifted! We only have different styles! ;)

Wendy, I had a sketch, but it was done for an ordinary wild boar tusk before I bought this couple of the African wild boar tusk! I so wanted to carve the blossoming cherry branch, especially this cold time, I started in February and so dreamed about spring! :blush:

There is the old sketch which I used as a prototype! :blink:


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