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Newbie from San Francisco


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Oh, Boy, Just what I need, another forum!! ;<} I was directed here from one of Steve Lindsay's sites - www.handegravingforum.com, I'm also very active on Orchid - www.ganoksin.com . I notice a few familiar names here from those......... I'm goldsmith of some 38 years, mostly special order - my wife Jo-Ann and I have a workshop in downtown San Francisco since 1983. I've done quite a lot of ornamental carving and wax for jewelry over the years - not so much figural or things like Netsuke. I'm hoping to expand on that a bit, here, plus I just enjoy seeing the work. Rather than posting a pic, I'll just direct you to our website: www.donivanandmaggiora.com where there are portfolios for both me and Jo-Ann. Looks like a cool place - Thanks, John D.

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