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New kid in town.


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Hello everyone.

I reside in sunny Manitoba Canada.

First and foremost I would like to thank Janel for responding to my email questions.

And, I would like to remark on the fact that she has taken into consideration of photo size to help those out with low or slow speed internet access. I have never come across anyone who has done that before.

Being on dial-up internet myself , this kind act is very considerate.


I have been carving on and off for about twenty years, more so lately.

I do not belong to any club as such, but I have been sternly talked to by a friend and have agreed to hang some of my work in a gallery.


The artwork I see here on this forum takes my breath away.

Beautiful beautiful work, well done everyone.

I will place some of my work as soon as I figure out where to put it.

Or perhaps someone may wish to advise me.

Again, thanks for having me.

Glad to be here.


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Hello Woodworm!


Welcome to The Carving Path forum. Thank you for your thoughtful remarks. As to where to post your photos, perhaps "New Work or Show & Tell" might be a place to start with photos. If the work is not about carving, the Photography area or The Way are a couple of suggestions.


Again, welcome to you,



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Thank you , will do.

Have been browsing the last bit.

Wow, my head is exploding.

Have just gone over the "Pricing" thread. I have just been told in no uncertain terms that I am not charging enough.

This is not a forum of carvers/engravers.

This is a goldmine of shared information and inspiration by some obviously terrific artists.

I only hope that I can bring as much as I know I am going to take.

(I almost feel like a theif) -- keyword there was almost.


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Thank you one and all.

To be truthful, with all the tips, advise and the wonerful creations, I am like a kid in a candy store.

Kinda like going to a three ring circus and wished you had eight eyeballs.

Yes I will post some more pics.

Tho I am humbled at the work I see here.

All the best.

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