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Spring Clean-up


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Well, every once in a while we get a little summer in Manitoba, so I have promised myself this year when those two gloriouse days arrive I will brave the heat and mosquitoes and clean up my garage/shop.

Now I know I have some limited amounts of Purpleheart scraps that I have stashed somewhere in my treasure trove.

I have even been accused of saving my sawdust, but my point being here is you folks do such small carvings I was wondering if these pieces would be of interest to anyone.


(The catch is) -- there is no catch --

-- other than if you want it you would have to pay the shipping.

I do not know dollar wise if that would be worth it to anyone. And I am not familiar with international shipping so there may be problems there.

If you are interested drop a note here.

First come first serve. Or I could split it up and share with as many as I can.

And remember -- I gotta get me some summer first.

(Sorry -- I would have to know what size is desireable to see if I even can accomadate anyone.)


Have a good day.

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