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Almost done!!

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Beautiful work Don.

Any chances of a couple close ups?

Are those birds rising in flight in the top left corner?

The deadfall rough in the woods is very real like. It gives the wild of the woods compliment.

I would love to see this in real , I do beleive if one was to gaze at the deer that you have placed near center that the whole releif carving would jump to life in the peripheral vision.

Again, very nice.

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Again very nice.

Now then, I was comparing your two photos, I just realized you have a bear at the right side of the large deadfall..

Who is going to be more shocked, the deer or the bear, or the bear thats snoozing at the base of the tree.

(Nice camoflage job Don) you almost had me.


Have a good one.

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The wood is a piece of pine shelving that I had lying around. It was selected originally to make bases for my knives, so I was looking for something I could carve. Hand selected at the warehouse.

It is 11 1/2 inches by 4 feet. Takes a little getting used to when you try to do detail, need a SHARP knife or chisel. I'm comfortable working with it.

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Ok...this may seem like a VERY broad question...


How on earth does one carve a relief? I have never seen it done before. Is there some clever trick? Or tool?


I MUST know :blush:


I will try and get some time this weekend to put together how I achieve what I do.

Fortunately I have started taking photos as I progress though a carving.

However, I hope others do the same because I could always learn new methods myself.

I think posting it in tecniques may be the best place-- if not perhaps someone could advise me.

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