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Belated Introduction


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Not sure if I introduced myself; or not.


I'm 52 years old, and was just awarded my disability.


I discovered in my mid-40's that had some talent for drawing; that led to painting; and airbrush. Never have quite mastered those media.


When I as going to school a few years ago, after I had my first degree in Industrial Maintenance; since I couldn't find employment anyway, I decided to go for a second degree in Welding. Didn't quite finish that second degree; but I got lots of hours of Welding under my belt.


Came across Nathan Cabot Hale's "Welded Sculpture" somewhere along the way. I don't want to sound like a know-it-all; but even though I'm a mediocre Welder; the book sure makes it look easy--but there's generally a catch that makes it harder than it looks...


Won't know till I've saved enough for a nice Oxy-Acetylene Welder.


Recieved a Windfall recently, and upgraded several of my handguns to Stag Handled grips. Expensive, what hey...?


Well anyway, I got to pondering making myself a couple sets of grips from bone. Several of my friends suggested that if I could make nice Bone Grips; and sell them for 35%-$45% less than Stag; they'd buy some.


I ordered "BONE ANTLER IVORY & HORN" by MacGregor. Didn't go into quite enough detail about actually working Bone to satisfy me; so I got a copy of "Bone Carving" by Stephen Myhre.


Along the way, I discovered David, with his frantic attempts to turn me into a Jeweler. Then I found this fine site. Actually, I found that I'd joined before---couple of years ago; right before a Virus ate my old Computer; before I'd explored this site much.


So now I'm sitting looking at some fruit wood--Some Beautiful Apple and Pear-- don't even have a Jewer's saw yet, to turn them to grips--and trying to buy a tool or two every month; till I'm ready to start on Bone; Ivory; Antler; horn; etc.


Oh yeah, and I stumbled across one of the adds for the little Smith Jeweler's Oxy-Acetalene torch--big enough for any Gun Work or Metal Sculpting I may want to do. Why not work small? And eventually I might do some mixed-media pieces...


I also am dying to try welding Aluminum with Oxy-Hydrogen.


Well, right now all I can do is accumulate tools; scheme and dream; and work on my drawings; and do researcn online. Lot of interesting stuff here.


.....RVM45 :):):D

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