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Carved Sweet Potato

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Let me know what you think! Also - anyone know what kind of finish I can put on a sweet potato?





Just had a peek at your carving --"Sweet" if you will pardon the pun.

What kind of finish? --- Garlic butter and a sprig of parsley??


Perhaps latex shellac ?? It may be the only thing that may flex without cracking. As I assume this will never dry perfectly to a hardened state.


Now I have a question, if you do not mind.

Is there a difference between a sweet potato and a yam?

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I carved a great face in an apple once and it shrivelled up to look like an OLD man. It was so cool. It lasted a long time but eventually got moldy. Probably you would want to put it dry ice for a long time to dehydrate it before you apply any kind of finish.


Woodworm, check this out:


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