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Tule Elk Bull


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It'll be a while before I can post a finished project so I thought I might introduce you to one of my neighbors.


This is a Tule Elk Royal Bull in August rutt. He is a member of the smallest of the elk family in North America. My son and I captured his image during an exciting battle of bugling and antler crashing one early August morning.


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A magnificent beast, or creature if you prefer.

I had a small car and was returning to Calgary from Revelstoke one night back in 74.

The fog over the highway was low. The height of the fog was cutting the top of the windshield.

Before I knew it, I went right under the head of a bull that was standing right on the edge of the pavement.

I had never been that close to an Elk before.

Had my vehicle been larger, we would have met.

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Where did you take this picture of this bull its so beautiful creature,,,,,




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Evening Rebacca, (I hope that's your name),


This elk was one of about a half dozen bulls fighting over several dozen cows in a flooded plane of the Owens Valley between Independence and Lone Pine, California. The Owens Valley is considered High Desert Country and is watered by the Owens River that eventually feeds Southern California.


There is a mineral lacking in the soil of the Owens Valley. The lack of this mineral causes the antlers of deer and elk that live there to become brittle. When the animals fight during the rutting season they general break some of their tines and occasionally the entire antler. This bull was unusual in that he was a perfect Royal Bull with 6 major tines on each side with none broken.


Hope that helps. -Art

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