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Here's a few things I've done since I last posted work here. There are more I need to get photos of, of course.


This is a pearwood pipe that I modified. It started out with a golden colored stain/varnish hiding the color, and was very plain.

The silver spacer was added by me, and has the signature, number and the pipe's name "Spiral Dreams".








Here's a bit of my recent metal crafting.

Earrings in copper with silver posts, hammered.






There's two more pipes actively on my bench right now, and a really elaborate set of Futhark Runes in Jet, so there will be more to post in the next few months.


PS: Janel- I'm going to be doing leather work some time this coming week. I'm well aware of how overdue your sandbag is.

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Hi there,


Nice to see some of your new works. The pipe is just wonderful. What is your method for laying out your design on this one?

I'll have some new works to show soon.(I've been reworking my website)




On spiral pieces, I don't really lay out the spirals themselves, just the edges if I'm using a border, like what's around the bowl here.

The spirals themselves are done freehand. I usually start with the larger ones, and the larger burrs, and work down smaller.


Glad you like it, and I can't wait to see more of your lovely work.


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I'd totally smoke that pipe, nice work.


Thanks! It is actually a pretty nice smoke. I can't decide whether I like this one or my recently acquired churchwarden better.

The churchwarden is a cooler smoke, more mellow, but I just love how this one feels in the hand, and it is easier to light...

And then there's the fact that I haven't had time to do any carving on the churchwarden yet....



I'm currently working on a commissioned pipe that's similar, and I have another couple on the bench to do after I finish that one that will be available for sale. The commission sold for $80, so I'm not exactly expensive.

(My website is on my profile. I know Janel would prefer that any inquiries of the commission type were done in PMs or off board.)



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