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Hi Russ,


The alabaster whales are made of a beautiful material, and the inclusion ties the baby with its mother in an interesting way with the inclusion in the stone. The Jade looks very hard, almost metallic. How was it to work with?


The ginko leaf, is that really made from stone? It looks like boxwood! Most jasper that I see around here is red. I really like that stone as pebbles. Show it to us when you have completed it please?



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Thanks for the comments Janel


The jade is softer then the last piece I had done years ago. I also used a different technique. I carved most of the roughout underwater, well slightly underwater, it worked very fast.


The Jasper is very hard most of the rough out was with a Mitzi heatless wheel then finished shaped with diamond burrs in water. I have to find how to sand and polish without losing details.



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