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Hippo Tusk


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many opologies to everyone but our daughter would like to keep the victorian parasol handles


have taken photographs of the hippo tusk hope they are ok to show eveyone


the outside curve of the tusk is nearly 25 inches long


after reading about them i believe this is the correct way to measure them ?







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Reminder for every newbie to READ and FOLLOW the photo resizing guidelines at the head of each forum area. I am at home and the above photos will take about 45 minutes to appear on my screen, due to the slow land line internet connection that I have. I am sure that the photos are interesting, but I don't have that kind of time to wait for the surprise content of the photos. Sorry to continue to rag on this particular theme, but it is a constant issue for a number of our members on TCP.





The guidelines briefly:



72 dpi

640 x 480 pixel dimension

50 k file size



The above photos are very large pixel dimension and are each above 1.5 MB

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