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Hello all


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Hello everyone,

I would like to thank those responsible for the forum's existence.

I have been following it for the last few weeks and have joined today.

I think it's just great how people are so enthusiastic about carving here.


I go by toscano on the web and Tassos pretty much everywhere else.

I was born in Greece a good few decades ago it seems.

I was first introduced to carving in the UK when a NZ friend showed me a few maori bone carvings. I was hooked (oh the puns are endless!). The next summer I was stuck at my parents' house for a couple of weeks with little to do so I treated some beef shin bone, found my father's old rasps, my mom's paring knife and my miniature files and 14 days later I was holding my first (and pretty crude) bone carving. A hei-matau of sorts. I would post a pic but my then-girlfriend now has it and I never photographed it.


Since then, I have become very interested in Japanese woodworking techniques and those wonderful Japanese miniatures called netsuke.


My favourite medium at this point is wood, cedar edging in front.

Bone still has my heart, though, since I started with it first.


Tagua nuts, stones and shells have also crossed my mind, but never my chisels.

Hopefully soon (though a recent string of posts discouraged my from using tagua nuts).


Currently, I am working on an aubergine netsuke made out of Zebrawood. Still in the rough at the moment. I will try to post some pics when I get round to taking some.


Favourite topics... Hard to say. Abstract or stylised works Like the Maori designs for example), animals, fruits, flowers... Nature in general, I suppose... My interests expand with every new netsuke I see and every new shape and form that appears in front of me.




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Thank you for the information. I will have a good look through the netsuke forum later today.

And thanks for the inspiration so far! :)


In fact you have emailed me some information in the past, following an enquiry I made with you about carving. You were very nice in replying sincerely and taking the time to go through my questions. I have been in over my head in the last few months with a new move and a new job and a new work environment and never felt I had enough time to do justice to your emails with an equally attentive reply. I thank you, though, and hopefully now that I am a little more settled and have a (slightly albeit) clearer path ahead of me we will be able to exchange more words (and pictures and advice!) through this forum.



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Your are very welcome. I thought that your name/s were familiar. It is good to hear that you are becoming settled after moving. I look forward to more from you!




About the tagua, have you seen the images of Sergey Osipov's newest tagua carving, the Cormorant? (Materials Forum> Tagua Nut Topic, third page...

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