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Wooden Musk Ox

E George

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Hello all carvers,


This is Oomingmak the Musk Ox. Oomingmak is an Inuit (Canadian Indigenous people) word meaning "Bearded One" and it is certainly an applicable moniker for this beast. The Musk Ox is a heard animal related to sheep. It is truly amazing what can be learned while surfing the internet.


While touring western Canada, I saw Inuit stone carvings of Musk Ox in Calgary, Alberta and thought it would make a simple carving project.


Most of the work on this piece was done with pocket knives while my wife was shopping and I was sitting in the car and also while while relaxing "down the shore" (the New Jersey cost). I used the "V" and "U" scorps in the Flexcut carvin' jack to create the texture in the fur. Photos of the knives used can be seen in my post in the thread "Favorite Tools".


The carving is stained basswood and measures 4 x 2.75 x 2 inches. The design is static and I need to polish my knife work a bit; however, it was fun to carve and it filled some time that would otherwise been wasted "wool gathering" (day dreaming).


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