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Different style lashing


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Hey guys,


Here is some of my stuff. Its my first few pieces that I've made. They're all from camel bone. See also the different style lashing I do which works quite nice either on its own or as a whipping. I use the artificial sinew for it which works well!! The first picture is a lanyard knot. Janel I hope the pics are small enough, they were big files and this is as small as I can get them!!










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Hi Damien,


Thanks for the good photos and for taking the effort to resize them. You did well to crop the background thereby making the subject the prominent part of the photo. You must have a camera that gets close up images? I really like the close up of the lashing! I hope that it helps those who are trying (tying?) their hand at it. Thanks for posting.



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Really nice work Damien. I'm not familiar with the solomon's bar but I'm going to make sure I get to the library tomorrow to get a book on knots and find out what it is. It gives your carvings a very seamanlike appearance.


I've been using beef bone for my carvings -- easy to find at Petsmart or Petco and inexpensive. What made you decide to use Camel bone? Is it different from beef bone? How difficult is it to source Camel bone?

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