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Phil White

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Hi everyone,


Does anyone have any experience working with a wood called katalox? It is a very hard dense wood, similar in weight and density to African blackwood, but with dark-brown heartwood. I dropped by our local exotic wood dealer last week, and bought some on speculation that I might be able to create some small carved pieces from it.


I have been in and out of exotic wood dealers for 30 years and have never seen it before, but it is quite beautiful.


Has anyone out there ever tried carving it?



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hi ,yes it from the south of mexico in can cun you find many of this wood is very hard but it get a beautiful shine whit the san paper this cain of tropical wood do not take mooch ,varnish it do not stick to it for to long,the wood don't suck anything the dark part the white a little, when you carved use tungsten carbide or it will wear out your tools very fast and if you use a blade dot make it to fine or it will break 45 angle or 70 will do ,god look and have some fun whit this material are very nice, I promises to janel send her some of all this woods from mexico :unsure:

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