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Wondrous Place to Be

Dick Bonham

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I just wanted to thank everyone who has been responsible for the set up and maintenance of this web site. I have learned more here than any course or seminar I have ever taken. Thank you. Is there any way that that I can contribute. There must be some cost involved. I would like to help in whatever way necessary.


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Thanks Dick for your kind words.


Don, Jim and I split the costs at this point. We would have to confer with each other about your offer to share the costs involved. We have not had that conversation before. I will contact you privately about it.


The Carving Path Book Store, http://www.thecarvingpath.com/bookstore.htm , was set up to help defray the costs of our hosting the forum. If anyone decides to use Amazon to order anything, from either TCPBS page or from clicking around Amazon.com, and uses the link from The Carving Path Book Store page to get to Amazon.com, we are given a tiny percentage of the $$ for the order. I think that we also get a tiny bit for anyone who clicks around Amazon when using the link from TCP Book Store as well.


Help other than money comes in the form of participation with the other members in our discussions and the posting of images. Especially when the forum goes quiet for a few days, I appreciate it when someone thinks of something germane to get us going again.


Warmest regards for your thoughtfulness,



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