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Hi from Bulgaria


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My name is Velin. I used to carve box wood in Bulgaria, but I spend some years in Caribbean, and I couldn't find enough hard wood material, so I started to carve palm seeds. One of mine favorite become the seed of Queen palm, Syagrus romanzoffiana. The species is not endangered and is easy to find all around tropics and subtropics. It will be interesting for me, if some one else is working with palm seeds. I found some tagua nuts, but all of them where rotten inside.

I have surfed all around the forum, and the personal sites of the members and ... I'm amazed of the work I've seen!

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Welcome to The Carving Path Velin!


What are the characteristics of the Queen palm seed, is its color a light color, what size is it, does it have a hollow space in the middle? Were the tagua nuts you found, found where the tree was, as in dropped from the tree it had grown on?


A couple of our members have carved tagua nut. Using the SEARCH function at the upper right of this forum browser window for tagua might help to find the posts and topics where we have discussed its use.


I would like to learn about the difference between these seeds and those of other palms, if there is knowledge amongst our members about the greater world of palm nuts or seeds that may be useful for carving. This would be a good new topic for the Materials forum.


Welcome again!



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