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Triplets! Guard the perennials!


We knew that she had a fawn somewhere, and then earlier this week Will saw twins, but tonight we now know that there are three! She has lost her conditioning and is now showing ribs through her fur. This will be a long summer for our "tame" deer, who watches us as we approach her when we all are in our own yard. She has watched us as we move between the house and studio more than we have observed her, which is most likely why she is not very skittish around us. She likes my perennials. :( The fawns are incredibly beautiful.



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JANEL--I don't know how you feel about feeding wildlife.


Those three babies will suck her out of any chance of making it through a MINNISNOWTA winter.


A small bale of Hop Clover/Grass mix, unbroken and put in a convenient place for her. She might come in close where the rest might not.


Good luck



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