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Inquiry for a smaller sculptural project


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The Carving Path is not a platform for sales, though it is a means for communication.


In my email today was the following inquiry. This is not in my line of work, and wanted to present it you the membership, and then offer to connect anyone able and interested to the writer of the inquiry. If the following information falls within your carving ability and interest area, etc., please contact me privately through email.





I'm looking for someone to carve a likeness of my dog. He is a mixed breed with smooth hair and the pose will be a laying down but attentive pose. I can send a pic if it helps. But i'm wondering about the cost and how close of a likeness i could expect in regards to his head/face and colorings(mostly black with brindle and white) Also this will be used as an urn as he is recently deceased so a cavity will be needed to place his ashes. So the body size will have to contain a 3"x3"x6" long cavity. I'd like to keep his proportions - though scaled down so he can fit on a shelf that is 18" deep. Any info will be very helpful and thank you.

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