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Mad Dr Frank

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Greetings to Forum members.


Degrees are in Pharmacology and statistics, including a PhD. Taught medical students for some years, hence chosen handle to emphasise the doctorate is not a medical qualification.


Retired and living in NW Scotland. Retirement plans include building a decent harpsichord and learning to play the Goldberg Variations to a satisfactory standard. Two lifetimes' work there, then.


First step is to build my woodworking skills covering a wide size range.


Carving is a satisfying end in itself (a redundant remark here, of course), but I specifically need to learn how to carry out precision work on a small scale (for jacks etc), and to place my name on the nameboard of any finished instrument (if I am not too ashamed of it).


Regards to all,

Mad Dr Frank.

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Welcome to The Carving Path Frank!


I hope that you will find some good and useful information here and in the archives! We are a friendly group, and open to questions and answers. I'll agree with you that carving is satisfying, but it is also compelling, always wanting to do more and learn more. Thank you for your introduction, and I hope that you will find your way through the construction of the harpsichord and learning to play everything that you wish to learn!



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