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Some Remarkably Detailed Work


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Guys, this isn't my work--and I wasn't quite sure where to post it...


But its so outstanding that I wouldn't want anyone to miss it.


The pieces are a bit larger than most things featured here--and creating them is perhaps (someone might argue) more craft than Art--but such craft!


Check them out:




.....RVM45 B):blush:B)

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I'm sorry, I wasn't trying to start anything or trying to be curt and not in any way knocking artists or wearers of beautiful crosses and the wearers symbolic understanding. It is just one of my quirks. I have always found it interesting how people view and wear the cross. I am a follower of Christ, but the cross is still an item of barbaric nature; a shameful way to die reserved for the worst criminals. Crucifiction was a horrible and agonizing death and the cross its weapon/toture device. I rival it with any sword, firearm or bomb.

The cross was necessary to fulfill prophecy, but it is seperate from the resurrection in symbolism, it is the death where an empty tomb is the defeat of that death. My own personal meaning is the carrying of the cross, the death to self and following of the Lord. Not for works, but a reminder. Not necessarily a beautiful petite item, but one worth every mile.

I sometimes ask people I know fairly well about the pretty crosses around their necks and ask them if they have a matching guillotine or iron maiden to accompany it. Obviously getting some wry looks before I explain. Fun Fun.

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Thanks RVM45.


They are exceptional examples of wonderful craftsmanship. I'm sure that is what you intended us to look at.


One of my favourite things to carve is a 'patu'. Which was used by the Maori as a weapon to hack and kill their enemies. Today that same weapon is used in peace ceremonies and represents overcoming great obsticles in one's life.


Are we to feel guilty about carving these things that can reflect a sordid past? I'm sure all the sword and knife handle carvers would have something to say about that.


Simply admiring the craftsmanship, Billy.

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