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Rip-Off Announcement From Susan Wraight


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Susan asked that I post this on TCP:


Hallo Janel,


I was doing a Google search for a particular netsuke I wanted to show someone when one of the thumbnail images that popped up looked very familiar. When I went to the site concerned I found a very obvious rip-off of one of my netsuke:




Mine, as I hope you can tell, is the one on the left. Its a very old piece from 1991, and the image is presumably out on the net somewhere or in a catalogue.

The website in question is www.orientarts.com and I found this image at www.orientarts.com/netsuke/netsuke-fish.htm


Do you know if anyone else had this problem? I imagine that many of us netsuke carvers will have experienced this sort of piracy, and I doubt we can take any revenge, but such a blatant copy has got under my skin a bit. Its so badly carved too!


I wondered if a post could go on the Carving Path warning about such rip offs in case others have had pieces of theirs copied too - its very flattering in a way, but its flattery I could do without!!


I hope you are well, and enjoying the summer. Are you back in the swing of carving again? And how is your mum?




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hi ,you know this cain of things are always going to happen whether you are big or small , as long there are people that wants something cheep and nice this cain of thing well keep on happening ,so we have to be like the phoenix bird reborn from our on ashes and be better whit some thing new and different , in can cun I see so many cheep copies of brands and people bay this things , so there is a costumer for every thing ,and is also a mater of principles , at list that what I thing :blush:

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