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jade skull

dante lopez

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hi , this piece is one of my favorites its made from one block of jadeite ,and the jaw moves, it took me one day almost to separate the piece is almost finish ,just have to polish some areas and some final cracks of the boon joints and that's it ,the piece is 6.5cm higt, (jannel this is piece I was telling you)





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hi debbie ,is between 6.5 to 7 cm.W :rolleyes: hy ? you have not post new pieces , could you put pictures of the work shop you use and your tools please ,I love to see it



Did you see the photos I posted a few months ago? They were attached in the old "New Works" message I posted. One of the pieces (the one in obsidian) reminds me of your work. Scroll down the new works category and take a look.


My "shop" is a desk in my laundry room. My husband and I are converting our garage into a studio for me and my equipment, which I am steadily accumulating. I use a cheap water tile saw to cut up big rocks. I just bought a used Star Diamond trim saw last Friday (6 inch blade, for cutting gemstones) and haven't used it because I have no place to set it up. In a few months, hopefully everything will be finished and I can sort out all my tools, supplies and equipment.


I use a dremel and diamond burs of all kinds, cheap chinese and good dental bits, and woodworking gouges on the nuts, bones, wood and tusks. My most used tool is an Exacto knife with a blade that's about 5 years old. I just keep sharpening it. All my tools are very low-tech.


I love all your work, Dante. I especially like the skull. I thought about carving one, too, just haven't come across the right material yet. Lately I've been working on a larger (for me) bronze and wood sculpture thats about 18" inches tall. When she gets done I'll post a picture. I did a commission job and should probably post a photo of it, it's not too inspiring but what the client wanted.


Hope you are doing well in Mexico. It's hot as heck in Houston.



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