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Professor Rhubarb

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Hey everyone! heh... :unsure:


All of you are really amazing!


Here's my story- I stumbled on your site when a friend randomly offered me a tagua nut to carve. Previous to this, he gave me a staff-length branch to carve. The staff turned out great as a gift for my father, but it ultimately made me realize how much I enjoy carving! So anyway, I was trying to figure out how to carve tagua and these forums really helped out. I'll have to post pictures. Bear in mind, this little nut is a tough cookie to carve and my second carving *ever*.. so thanks to Janel, Doug, Sergey and the others in the tagua thread. Unfortunately I found a crack, but hey that's part of the medium, right? I've applied some 600 grit wet sand to it. I've heard the next step would be some white polishing compound or wax of some sort? I'm not sure if I should stain it or not... it sure is nice and smooth though. :) I'm still considering turning it into a netsuke, if I can figure that out before Christmas. hah~


Anyway, as the story goes, I was almost laid off thanks to a strike I refused to participate in. A "workforce reduction plan" was implemented and I was offered a payout. I was *THIS* close to taking the money and taking a carpentry course. It just wasn't enough, so I'm going to have to learn on my own for now. I was almost forced to take the payout, but in the end I'm back to work. I've learned that I need a hobby and I might need a new line of work, LOL. Hence, the carving path.

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Hi PR,


Welcome to the new fun of carving! You will find out about tools, sharpening, different sorts of wood, and stains, among other things in the archives. Your hobby could be reading the archives for quite a while!



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