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New Pendant Lashing


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Hi everybody. I know there has been a lot of discussion around traditional lashings. Here is a new one I've been playing around with for my latest carvings. I'm not sure if someone has posted this before or not.


I saw this style in the gallery I display in, and had a good look and it seemed reasonably straight forward. Get 3 good lengths of 1mm waxed braid. Then plait them together the same way you'd plait hair (my wife helps me with this). Then when you're about half way, take one of the cords and feed it twice through the first whole. Then feed it straight back into the plait and carry on to the next hole. Just make sure you don't feed the cord through until you're right next to the hole. Also try and be consistent with which way you feed the hole (front or back) to try and make it all even. Simple?


I finish the ends with slip knots so it's adjustable for the wearer. I bind these using one of Stephen's binding techniques.


I hope this is useful to someone. Please feel free to ask any questions







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Hi, Billy,

how did you know, that I was just thinking about a nice way to lash a pendant I almost finished? Your lashing (and your work by the way)

is very beautiful and I can imagine that it will work also with only one hole.

Thanks very much for posting and have a nice day,


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