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frog in a bamboo

dante lopez

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hi this is the new piece of the week is guatemalan jadeite, the bamboo is les then a millimeter the eyes are in black jade the size is1.5 inches and the bamboo is a liter more then 1/4 inches, jannel ,please be hard on me i want your opinion on this piece ,don't be nice whit me this is challenge for me as I love the frogs you make and the only way I can get better is whit a critic ,donn please your opinion in everything polishing texture details ,when I have the critics of persons that are good in what they do it help me to see thing I cannot see as you fall in love whit what you do some times you don't see small details, natasha is time for pay back (jajaja) oleg ,and all the other that like to contribute whit critic welcome ,please :blush:







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Hello Dante,


How can I be hard on you when you have carved a thin walled piece of bamboo with a tiny frog on it?!!! Well, I will try. The frog is convincing, it looks like and has the animation of a tree frog. You must have observed them in life and in photos to have the proportions and positioning of its parts correct. The two areas that I would like to see more attention paid to are the eyes, and the feet and toes.


The eyes are (I am guilty of this also) more flat than in reality. The eye is closer to being a sphere with more than half of it inside the eye covers and skull. The part that protrudes, to be convincing, should imply that it is part of that sphere with more bulge. This is not always easy to plan and create, but when done correctly, adds a greater life to the whole figure. The impact of inlaid eyes is quite effective, adding life to the frog.


The feet and toes to me look like they are incompletely carved, being a little heavy and thick. I would like to see a little less bulk to the foot (tarsals and metatarsals), and the length of the toes could be a little less wide. The sticky pads of the tree frogs are often wider than the width of the toes, and to me are an attractive (?) element in carving tree frogs, partly because they make tree frogs climbers.


The positioning of the frog, with the head twisted, appears to be looking at something perhaps preparing to jump or to snatch it with its tongue. Such a posture is appealing and is very frog-like.


I like the consistency of using planes and angles when carving the entire body. Frogs themselves are rounded with some rounded points, with triangular planes on back and head, and the legs when carved begin as planes to be rounded eventually. The carving technique that leaves the planes and angles is one way to carve frogs (and ever other thing as well).


Using the translucent stone is great! Such little frogs are translucent. This adds an additional dimension to the piece.


This little piece must have been very challenging for you to do. Frogs in wood are quite a challenge when showing and carving all of its toes. It is a joy to see this piece!




PS: It is challenging for me to critique the work of others. I am my own critic, and can be hard on myself and the pieces that I do. One can be too close to the work to "see" what others may see, as Dante points out, so there is value when asking others to look at and comment on the work that has been done. I usually refrain from offering critiques most of the time, and hope that you all don't expect me to do this with every piece posted. I am pleased to help though, so do ask now and then.

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jannel thanks very mooch ,it means allot to me I pout more effort in this details you mention for the next's pieces ,when I make something I pout all my hard and soul when I feel I dominate this I enjoy it for short time and then I bring it down like that where the worst I cold do so I ask my self to get better then the last time, my final gol is to achieved the frost movement the sensation of life ,but I steel far from that ,whit this critics helps a lot. thanks :blush:

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