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Hi from Russia!


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May be who know any carver who create miniature sculpture of hard wood and bone?

Sometime I am use this technique and to me very interest any Colleague!!!

In attachment some of my work as sample technique where I search of carvers.

Thank You very much for Your attention to me!

Sincerely Yours - Dmitry.

Please forgive me very bad English...




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Dear fellow:

WELCOME TO THE FORUM!!! This is an space for everyone that carve miniatures in different materials...it doesn´t matter If you are a great master carver or a beginner, we are all the same family and no one rejects another for their skills level!!!...but something good it´s that many of the advanced members try to help you with constructive critics and answer a lot of questions about the way to obtain better carving results. I saw that your work show here is mostly religious and I encourage you to seek here the russian awesone carvers like Natalia Popova, Vladimir Rusinov, and many others from overthere, they are nice people and ¨relative¨ close to you and that´s really luck you have believe me. My english also is bad but that´s the propper language here. Good luck and keep following your dreams....Sincerely yours,...ADRIÁN.

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Hello Dmitry,


Welcome to The Carving Path forum! You have found a place where others also carve small works. Thank you for posting photos of some of your works. Thank you also for using English, it is much appreciated that you have learned to use this language.


What kind of tools do you use? Oh... I now see that you have posted a photo of your lovely tools in a tool topic.



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Dear Adrian!

Thank You very much for Your reply! I will try contact with Natalia Popova. And with Vladimir Rusinov I was have some letters exchanges early, but in this time I was have very big problems with Internet and our contacts was finished... probably I will try start new contact with Vladimir. Thank you again!!!

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Dear Janel !

Thank You very much for Your reply!

Yes I use only handtools without any mechanic and optic tools. It is very long way, but it is so interest ! ;-) Unfortunately now I only go back to my old possibilities after trauma and can not much more still... But I hope it is will possible for me!!! ;-) Optimism make from primate the homo sapiens ;-) Yes my English is very bad... I am use electronic translator still 8-(((

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