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One of the reasons for creating The Carving Path is to welcome carvers from many disciplines, whose work involves small scale carving and to provide a friendly, informative and accessible place for communication and learning. The impetus came from our enjoyment of the International Netsuke Society Forum, which has been provided for the use of their membership who are netsuke collectors and netsuke carvers. The carvers enjoyed the site's forum when it came on line in November, but quickly found that the topics were not really designed for modern carving topics and found the need to remain on-topic a bit confusing.


Today the INS Forum has just announced a significant addition to its forum topics, a whole area (huge) for netsuke carver's on-topic discussion! Have a look and when you have netsuke relevant information or ideas to share or ask about, please contribute there as well. Netsuke are a special part of the world of small sculptural carving!






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