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who can tell me who signed the tsuba?


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My wife is Japanese and she has tried to translate the name on the tsuba--the writing is "old" Japanese so she is not quite certain about some of the characters. The name on the upper right side she translated as "Genshosai" and the name on the lower left she translated (top two characters only) as either "Sei shun" or "Masaharu" (most likely Masaharu), but she has no idea about the bottom character. There are books with Japanese sword makers signatures so you should be able to find this person--you can probably find him with a little internet research.


Good Luck,


Jimmy McNeil






Hello I just bought a tsuba and want to know who is the creator of this piece


bonjour je viens d'acheter une tsuba et je voudrais savoir qui est le créateur de cette pièce



this is my first tsuba difficult!


wiart christophe

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