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new work

Robert C

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trying my hand at relief carving haven't done this kind of thing before.




as I cannot remove the initials from the bone

but I can remove them from your view


I also am an avid graphic artist with Photoshop and Illustrator which affords me some creative freedoms




I was never one for subtlety but I will work on it. thank you for the advice.

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Hello Robert,


It is a start. Thank you for showing your first attempt. What sorts of tools are you using?


When you look at the work of other artists on this forum, you may notice that the initials or signature is subtly placed and does not dominate the overall piece. You may even not see the signatures, unless that view is offered for us to see. My point being, the dark and bold initials look like you want to emphasize the letters

rather than show the viewer what you have carved.


I hesitate writing too much so soon, but if you are serious about learning more about carving, you have come to a good place (the forum). There are many teachers here.





ps - where are you located?

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I use files, dremel, and small chisels.


normally I wouldn't sign a piece at all.

but when I got finished with it and looked at it, I had a deja vu moment and saw my initials below the carving.


since its just going to hang out with my keys in my pocket its not huge I suppose.



added my location <<--------




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Hi Robert.


Looks like you're off to a fine start with your carving. It's a fantastic journey that I find very rewarding. You're lucky to have found this forum as early as you have. It will probably help you forward in leaps and bounds.


Make sure you listen to peoples advice, as Janel as already kindly offered. I think you'll find all comments on the forum are to help people forward – especially Newbies.


And the most important thing, is to listen, learn and just give it a go.


Welcome, Billy.

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Hi Robert,


I was visiting my sister today (they have high speed internet, I don't), and we had a quick look at TCP. I noticed that you had added your location. You are a ferry ride away from our admin Tom Sterling! He lives on Whidbey Island. Great part of the American continent, (er, island part of the Americas?) !


:o I see that you "rubbed out" the initials with Photoshop. Do you see the difference with where your attention is pulled on either image? Phew, there are so many choices to make along the way to completing a piece, but that is also part of the fun.


There are posts from several bone carvers who have contributed over the past year and also from the earlier years. There has been some tool talk, and there will always be room for more. I think that there are links to videos illustrating some lashing techniques.


A book that many of us own by Stephen Myhre has been instrumental with introducing a particularly useful tool concept for carving hard materials such as bone, tusk and wood. The three sided tool has three different cutting edges which for me has been essential for the carving that I do.


In "Getting Started and Resources" there are some pdf's that show some of the tools some of us use, others that show tool making, and more. Embedded in the Archives found through the SEARCH function is even more information. There is a lot to read here!


Welcome once again. Smiles to you,



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