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Is your bench busy?


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What a gang of creative folks! Thank you all for your posts and photos!


Hans, you are having lots of fun with your work! I look forward to seeing the dino defender on my local computer when it is released upon the world!


Karl, Your bench has so many thoughtfully made features. I am enjoying looking at and understanding what all has been assembled in your small space. You have my respect for design sense and function. Thank you for the good photos.




PS I am struggling, and have not found a solution to the color and finish of the piece on my bench. Nothing is going the way I wish it would. So far only testing on prepared scrap wood. :unsure:

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I must admit that I had way too much fun building what is essentially a giant Swiss Army knife (apologies to the Swiss :unsure: ). There are things that swivel out at angles, rotate, plug in, switch on and off and light up. Little trays, drawers and compartments hold all manner of precious bits and custom tools. I think we all (TCP) have some of that in us.(See previous posts by Hans et al.) That's why we do what we do. When I see some cool little thing, every instinct is to pick it up and dissect it either mentally or literally (to my wife's consternation).


Don't worry Phil, I still have the outdoor setup for more energetic work. I just needed a clean, controlled environment for the fine work as well as assembly. Hard to see, but the support for this engraver's ball is another ohia post mounted on hinged brackets that fold away under the sliding tray when not in use. (Jim, thanks for the tire idea, it works great.)


Thanks to everyone for posting your work. It helps keep me going.


mahalo nui loa


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I must admit that I had way too much fun building what is essentially a giant Swiss Army knife
Looks great Karl.

I had the same fun making my new toolbox. I like to take my work to all kinds of locations so I wanted a small and compact toolchest.

The box itself was a gift from my late granddad many years ago. As a kind of tribute to him and his mastership as a furniture maker I now use it as my toolbox-for-little-tools. (I inherited his love for wood.) I managed to fill it with over 80 tools! (Size is roughly 30 x 20 x 10 cm).



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Please can anybody tell me where is the undo button of postings?




Do you have an Edit button on the lower right area of this post? You can change the content. I am not sure that the general membership has the ability to delete a post once submitted. You may ask me, or Tom Sterling to delete a post, or to correct a topic title if one needs correction.






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All of your present work is really beautiful!

These days in our small carving school we started to do some work in stones, now the real work <_< begins at last!!

Our teacher provided us with some synthetic stones (sapphire) and it is beautiful to be able also

to see through the objects and to work with the shades.

This work is not ready yet, I need to buy smaller carving devices.

Our teacher told us that the next object will be half that size :unsure: poor eyes!

Have a nice day all of you!


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@ fox: 'Small carving school', tell us all about it!


Leon, it is more a workshop, one evening / week and we are very few pupils, because not many people here in Greece seem to be interested in learning this art.

Our teacher, a former sculpturer of marble statues, was teaching in the past in several places around Greece. All the work he does he does it to keep the art of carving very small

things alive here in Greece and in his hometown. He does not get any money for teaching and the tools and material he got from sponsors.

It is planned, that the local administration will give us in the future a small building for the lessons, but... it needs a lot of renovation first.

But... we already have had two exhibitions of our work, the last years. First we started with some very soft stones, afterwards bones and now the synthetic 'precious' gems.

We use the Dremel.

In the future we will have also lessons in gemology (?).

I hope I have answered your questions.

Have a nice day,


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The Dino War Machine, continues.

Gatling guns and some ribs and a throat spike are the latest additions.


The guns are not complete, there will still be some spikes added underneath. They also have to be cleaned up, like solder removed and fine sanding and polishing to be done.

Also the head is still in it's infancy.

Man, it still needs a lot of work.

But the tail is next.

This is something I have figured out how to make so that it will be able to be moved in any position, but it is going to need some serious elbow grease to get there.

The trick at this stage is to get everything in proportion. Even though the head is still a little bit big, I know that it will be filed down later, so that is not a problem.

I think the claws are to small at this stage, but I can add some more body to them later.

The tail will add some more weight to the back, allowing the machine to stand in a more Tyrannosaurus Rex posture.

Right now it stands like some dumb chicken at a KFC cheerleader party.


The guns are made with cartridge brass bought at my local Ace as brass rod and then rolled down to flat bar and bent round and soldered.

Then it is filed out to a six sided 'revolver' shape.

The barrels are copper and brass wire that I drew down.


Then I make the top and bottom in a 'cartridge' form.


The guns are attached in this manner. It is all still basic. The flanges and screws are still to be carved and filed.

Lot's of detail still to be added.


It's all hand made, so there is still room for change.


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:lol: hi ,one of the pieces that I am trying to finish is ,ANOTHER FROG jajajajajajajajaja , yes ,you gets right but, this is some thing out of the classical I always make only the character and no surroundings , this is going to bee a frog walking in rocks and some lifts and the jade has two colors brown ,and green





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Dear Hans:


A great steam punk piece indeed...but too shine in my opinion ¿always you work so shine or you later get an older rersemblance to your pieces of Art?....theres is a site in spanish called MirayCalla.net that offers many links since 2006 to a steam punk illustrators and sculptors ¿Did you visit it?


Well just a simple observation...it´s an amazing and beautiful piece of ART!!!...Sincerely yours,...ADRIÁN

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