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A few of my work ...

Jef Lapidaire

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Hi !


First I leave in Quebec, Quebec (freedom!), Canada...


I find your forum in my search about carving and he is very great for technicals solutions

All my life I study the techniques of art, drawing, painting, carving, ceramics, sign-painting, air-brush, info-graphism etc...


Some years I study the bone carving (bone soup), more beautifull as ivory (for me).

But, with the time, a little bit sick of this, all the same colour... white !

After I buy the stone of eBay... but very expensive, often the cost of shipping is more expensive as the price of stones ....

After I find a great idea; find my stones in my country of Quebec !!!

The quebec is very great for a goods minérals

Since this summer I work the stone that I prospect my-self


Here, little few of my works


Ouups !! This carving is not my job, but entire by the nature it is the Harrikanaw or "pierre de fée"

I prospect this on the Malartic lake on Harrikanaw river in Abitibi on the North of Quebec

It is a concretion limestone on the last glaciation 10000 years ago




Cabochon of chromite in fuschite find at asbestos



Amazonite of Lac-St-Jean



Serpentine ?? Black-Lake near thetford-Mines



Serpentine ?? Black-Lake



Chacopyrite North of the province of Ontario



Porphyre North of Ontario



The green color Serpentine? and the black I dont know...



So... sorry for my twister English language

I look for people who want an exchange french-english learning...

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Salut Phil !


I see in yours others messages, you learn the french language ...


I look for a partner for exchange of knowledge French/English


I write you in English and you correct me


Et tu m'écris en Français et je te corrige

Et pourquoi pas, se parler directement?

"Skype" un petit logiciel (gratuit) de communication, le fait

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Oui, J'ai suivi une formation linguistique à l'école de la function publique pendant une année, plein temp. Cetais trés difficile, facillement la formation la plus difficile de ma vie, mais ca vallait la peine. Je serais trés heureux de nous discouter de temps en temps, soit en englais ou en français, le sujet de sculpture sur pierre, ou en autres materiaux, si tu voulais. Je ne suis pas tout a fait bilangue, mais je peux communiquer mes idées.


Désolé à l'avance pour des errors. Je n'ais pas une dictionaire ici, ou une Béscherelle, et je prefére utiliser mon cerveaux pour traduire mes pensées.



(For you anglophones out there)


Yes, I studied French for a year, full-time at the Public Service language School. It was very difficult, easily the most difficult course I have ever taken, but it was worthwhile. I would be very happy to discuss stone carving with you, or sculpture in other materials if you would like, either in English or in French.


Sorry in advance for any errors. I don't have a dictionary here, or a (conjugation guide), and I prefer to use my brain to translate my thoughts.



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