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The NSK micromotor and its friends


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I have just joined this (marvelous) forum and this is my first post here. Before posting I did actually read every bit of information available here on the forum and I also had the pleasure to receive information from janel and norm. Having that said, I used to carve wood about 15 years ago and in the few last years i have been mostly painting in oils. Now I am back again to wood carving and I bought several hand tools including those used for instance for making dovetails, but noticed that the use of power tools might be very helpful.


What type of work I am interested in doing? I want a single tool for the "rough" work and for the detailed work by switching burrs or something. I think I would concentrate on small to medium pieces lets say spoons, chess pieces, bowls (not too big ones of course), boxes, and maybe some work on harder stuff some as imitation ivory.


I only read god things about the NSK and I hope this is the correct single tool I am looking for. Now for the questions, I searched for the NSK on the net and came across many models and many prices. Well, I can not differentiate between them, so I hope someone can tell me which one is the "good one" so to say,


http://www.grstools.com/rotary-systems/e-max.html (sells for 980$ )

http://www.littlemountaincarving.com/catalog/page24.html (sells for 699$, is it the same as above ???)

http://www.artcotools.com/nsk-electer-emax-motor-c-364.html (sells for 900$ ...)




And these kits, http://www.kabdental.com/small-dental-equi...-500-series.htm

so many different configurations and so expensive ....


Same stuff here http://www.handpiecesolutions.com/laborato...pieces-nsk.html



Any help will be appreciated,




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