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Orange Snail


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"Hello All,


Here a small project of this summer. I tried to combine two materials

into a little bit unusual topic.

The snail and the orange-shell are carved from one piece of boxwood.

The orange fruit-flesh is carved from amber.

I turned the case from an old piece of ebony with a buffalo-horn handle

and a 18 karat gold pearl on top.


Cornel "

















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I can hardly remember any better use of amber with its quirks! I hope your snail gets the appreciation it so clearly deserves - it should stand out just as well among the output of long-standing amber tradition, and in a good way... I am glad I have opened the forum today!


The box would deserve being seen on its own, it took a deep breath to brush away the impression of its content here. [Why don't all hingeless boxes have a handle like this!? Ha!]

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Hello All,


Thank You all so much for your attention, it delights me....

its the best drug for further creativ adventures. :blink::) :)


The orange-piece is 53mm wide. The himotoshi is natural

and between the snailhead and the amber.

It is not signed, I dont find the right place for it.....


I wish You all much creativity !!!



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