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does anybody have any boxwood

Dustin Clayton

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Hello all,

For a long time I've wanted to have a go at carving boxwood. However my local woodworking supply houses don't carry it and I can never seem to afford the $100 minimum that Gilmer has. Sooo... If anybody has some extra lying about, I have quite a bit of cool stuff here, so I'm sure we could work out some sort of trade. Just as a representative example I have, a bunch of jade from various localities, A couple small but homogenous chunks of fossilized horn coral, several nice pieces of seasoned dogwood (although most of you could probably get that yourself), some really quite dense chunks of whitetail antler (whitetail does'nt sound that impressive but these are really nice pieces), lots of agates jaspers etc, various other local woods such as osage orange, hops hornbeam, and all sorts of other stuff. If anybody is interested please let me know.




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