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Guest Clive

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OK.. I thought we'd have some fun with a PRIZE.. I'll send some material of your choice, (with-in reason, legal and if I got any) to who-ever provides the first correct answer.

Which species would produce such an antler?



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Please provide a picture of suggested answer... that would not only create a nice database of different antlers, but we will also be able to see how close you are..


OR NOT as the case may be... these are Roe and Elk antlers Rhubarb <_<:unsure:



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I doubt if even the 10th mouse will get cheese!!


Ahh I see Dustins having a look.. could he be victorious or will he retire defeated ?

Does toscano know this stuff or will he too be humiliated??? <_<

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Have to think about the material. (You promised me once hippo tooth, but I promised you a 19th century Dutch bug print. Will send soon.)

It wasn't easy to find the answer, by the way. Had to use all my google tricks.


But Clive, tell me what this is and I will include it in the package:post-1629-1257368352.jpg

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