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Carver from China

Charles Wu

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Welcome to The Carving Path. Your work is very impressive. Glad to have you here!


Thanks, Irishcarver,

Im gald being here.

Thansks your website link, i lvoe the website, i love the items Hei Matau, even it is still being constructed, hope it will will be fully live soon!


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Welcome! Thanks for sharing your work. I do like dragons a lot.



Thanks Don,

Im glad to you like the dragons a lot.

In China,


"中华民族的图腾——龙 中国历史上的各个朝代,帝王也称呼自己为“真龙天子”,龙也具有权力的象征。 中国文化中,龙有着重要的地位和影响。从距今7000多年的新石器时代,先民们对原始龙的图腾崇拜,到今天人"


the dragons are the Totem and Worship of the chinese nation, in the past varied Chinese ancient dynasties, the ancient emperors always declared that they were the real dragons, the sons of God, it is the A symbol of power. Dragon holds an important position in Chinese culture, and it played an important role in the history of China. the worship of dragons never changed from the Chinese ruins of the Neolithic age over 7,000 years ago, untill now.


Some of my friends from In western countries, say dragon may means fierce and unpleasant. But not in China, hahaaaaaaaaa

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Very nice metal work - thankyou for showing the sequence of the work - it helps me understand the method. I would like to see more.





Thanks Magnus, Phil, and all

Im really happy the few sequence of work can help you about the work, you will see more later.

Best wishes

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China Carver:


Beautiful metal work, welcome to the forum. What is the metal being chased? Thanks for showing the progression.


Debbie K


P.S. I like dragons, too.



Thanks Debbie,

The metal being chased is the copper plate, it also can be the brass, steel, but not too hard. not to mention the gold and silver material.

Happy you are the forth one here like dragons, as i know.


Here with the more photos updated


P1. The draft glued one the copper plate.




P2. Hairline cut of the general structrue accourding to the draft.




P3. Further Cutting, Carving, .... by the tooling of hammer and chisels


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hi china carver ,welcome,nice work I like dragons to,they are powerful ,do you carve jadeite to ?or only metal,do you have a name? jajajajajaja that bee nice ;)


Thanks Dante, Im happy so many people here like dragons. yes, they are powerful, omnipotent, haha, only for the metal carving. not for Jadeite, it is very different.

Yes, like all the others, i have name. my name is Charles, family name is Wu 吴. i do not know how to display my name of Charles instead of china carver.

Do you know that? or anyone else know?

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