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Charles Wu

Carver from China

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Thank you for this post showing your process. Wonderful work.


What a great thing how the Internet bring carvers from the far side of the world to my home. I spent many years building my airplane in a rural vacuum. I only met 3 other builders in a nearly 7 year solo process. I've been carving for 3 years and because of the Internet I've met hundreds of carvers and seen thousands of wonderful projects. My work has benefited countless ways. Thank you all.



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Thanks John,


Yes, Great internet, Great Forum, Great Craftsman, Great Work Show, Then we turn to Better, and Great.

Hope see more of your work


Well, Here is the group photo of this work.






If assembly with my friend's blade, it will like that.




That's the one kind of great sword of China, hope more and more people know her, and enjoy her.

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