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Netsuke-Like Masks


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post-114-1120959171.jpgAttached is a photo of four masks that I have just finished. Have never carved masks before, but my son wanted me to try. When I carve faces they always turn out ugly so a mask with some deformation wasn’t a great leap. I suppose these are really semi-mask as the eyes aren’t drilled through and there is nothing on the back side for attachment. My son used masks from the Bushnell book, “Netsuke Masksâ€, for the white masks models. The fourth mask was made-up as I went along. The white masks are made from caribou antler—the piece was too big-around for a knife handle—however, due to the thinness of the hard, nonporous portion of the antler I had to carve flat faces. Two of the white masks are highly polished and the devil mask is not polished. The darker mask is polished mastodon ivory. None of the masks are over 2†in any direction.
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